Jane is a 63-year old former art lecturer, who has rheumatoid arthritis and a lung condition. She says, “I have never claimed any benefits before. My partner died suddenly in August last year. Because of my health problems, he used to do everything for me, so I didn’t realise how ill I was.” She applied for the Personal Independence Payment, so she could employ someone to help with cleaning and home care, and she could stay in the home she shared with her partner for 20 years. Five months later, her claim has still not been processed and Jane is currently relying on friends and neighbours for help. She says, “I can’t keep relying on people to drive me around and help me. I can’t do any cleaning. If I hoover I may pass out.” After her health deteriorated a few months ago, Jane spent two weeks in hospital. She is concerned that the gathering dust in her house, which she struggles to clean, is worsening her lung condition.

Source: http://figr.es/s087