Julie, who has a chronic pain condition which has led to a sleep disorder and depression, has just received a letter telling her that she is no longer allowed Employment and Support Allowance as a result of receiving it for 365 days. Now her partner’s monthly earnings of just £800 must support the two adults and their two children. Julie says, “Anyone who could turn round to me and say I’m too lazy to work, when I’ve gone through what I’ve had to go through, they just haven’t got a clue. They really haven’t got a clue. There’s so many of us going through this right now and it’s humiliating. Over the new year period, I took an overdose. I just snapped really. I had a little bit of a breakdown. It’s really, really hard to keep going on and fighting all the time, but that’s all you can do really.”

Source: http://figr.es/s104