The rent on 39-year old Amira’s flat, where she lived with her four children, was over £800 per week. She is not currently working because her one-year old is being treated at the children’s hospital. Her rent was met in full by Housing Benefit payments, but when her landlady realised the new benefit cap would leave the family needing to make up a £472 per week shortfall, she decided not to renew the tenancy. Amira says, “The council said you must look for a property where the rent is lower.” She was unable to find any flat for less than the cap near enough to the children’s school. Bailiffs evicted them and Amira spent a day waiting with their belongings in suitcases and bin bags in a council housing office, before they were rehoused to one room in a bed-and-breakfast. The council offered to rehouse the family further away, but this would have meant moving three children to new schools. Two months later, they were given a temporary flat, an hour’s bus ride from the schools. It is not clear how long they will be able to stay there.