David was taking antipsychotic sedatives, sleeping tablets and antidepressants. Before his health worsened, he had worked for three years cleaning buses, but could no longer hold down the routine of a job. At his Employment and Support Allowance assessment, however, he was found fit for work, with the decision upheld at tribunal. Six days later, David killed himself. His father says, “He needed 15 points to ‘pass’ the test and get his benefits, but he only got six. I know the difficulties he had – he should have got 106 points. They said David was fit for work, but in fact he was fit for hospital. I’m in no doubt this matter was the final straw. He’d just had enough. We are devastated by our son’s death. David’s mum is in hospital and hasn’t eaten since David died. She is completely broken by this.”

Source: http://figr.es/s207