Anthony was the first in his family to gain a degree. When he started, he had dreams of a career in politics. Now, at 27, he works in a call centre. Half his £16K salary goes on renting his shared two-bedroom flat, and he is going backwards financially. Anthony says, “I am angry at my situation and on behalf of all the young people who are working tirelessly but can’t get on. I had a part-time job in McDonalds throughout my degree course, but still racked up £80K of debt from tuition fees and loans for living costs. I took out a bank loan to pay off my overdraft when I graduated, but due to the cost of living, I’m living on my overdraft again. Not one of my friends has a job which relates to their degree. Most still work in the bar and restaurant jobs they had as students, but full-time now they’ve stopped studying.”