David used to work for his local council, and his wife Catherine works for the local hospital. Over a year ago, David lost his job. Catherine’s job is low-paid and their son is struggling to find work. When David couldn’t find a job, he turned to taxi driving. Renting a cab costs £250 per week, and he cannot always find customers, due to the recession. Their house is in danger of being repossessed, so they miss meals and went without heating all winter. David is not entitled to any benefits as his wife works, and their son is not classified as a dependant, even though he cannot provide for himself, because of unemployment. They have other debts, and if they decide to go bankrupt, they won’t be able to afford to rent or to live in a council property, as they aren’t vulnerable adults. Both Catherine and David are now on antidepressants.

Source: http://figr.es/s167