Joe was an industrial saw sharpener for 25 years, until serious mental health problems led to him leaving employment. He spends a lot of time standing at the window, waiting for the postman. He says, “I couldn’t leave without knowing if the postman had been. I’ve stood at the window sometimes four or five hours, just because I felt so insecure. I’ve heard there are more cuts coming.” Three years ago, he received a letter that declared ‘Your benefits are being cut.’ He took an overdose and would have died if his brother hadn’t discovered him in time. The scale of changes has unsettled him so profoundly that he has tried three times to kill himself, though before benefits changes he says he had never felt inclined to end his life. Joe says, “It’s making me a lot worse. I feel insecure all the time. Constantly. It never goes away. It’s a real feeling of dread.”