Anna says, “My first job was in the unemployment benefit office, a job I found fulfilling and different every day due to the nature of the clients. The work ethic was very civil service back then: we were treated with some respect. This aspect has eroded to zero now. The so-called generous wages have long been eroded. There was a time when you could find time to help the customer. Now, it’s all target driven. In 32 years as a civil servant, I have seen workloads double and triple as staff are continually reduced. I became a statistic myself when sacked for being ill. Quite a stab in the back for 32 years’ service. Customers no longer treat staff with respect, because they get treated with disdain by jaded overworked staff. I am now a customer of my former employer and, yes, I get treated like something you get on your shoe. I feel worthless. I assure you I am not.”