Jaz was sent on a Work Programme placement and says, “I was given a fancy title but all it meant was running around with a mop, clearing up spilled jam, alcohol and urine. I was told by other regular staff that these jobs were for ‘retards’. My brother has Down’s Syndrome and I wouldn’t let him work with these people. They were rude, bullying, condescending, and in the majority. Having a first class degree in marketing, I thought this would be a chance to get my foot in the door, and I was excited at the prospect of working with such a large company. On day one, I took my CV. By day three, it was still on the staff room table for anyone to look at. I was told I’d have to apply for vacancies online like everyone else and that I’d get no special treatment because of my placement.”

Source: http://figr.es/s026