David is a psychiatric nurse and former manager of a mental health unit, who has been unable to work since he had a breakdown. His wife, Suzanne, is a former psychiatric nurse and mother-of-two, who gave up her job to care for her mother who was ill. When David failed to complete a course he had been told he did not need to attend, the family’s benefits were withdrawn. Unable to afford their mortgage payments, the family’s house was repossessed. They were rehoused days before Suzanne gave birth to their second child. Soon after, the benefits office cut the family’s weekly benefits by £120 after wrongly sending out a duplicate appointment for a course David had already completed. Left with a budget of £50 per week, Suzanne says, “It got to a point that there was no food in the house and any food that did come in had to feed the two children, and my husband and I would go for days at a time without eating.” She became so malnourished that she had to stop breastfeeding her baby at six weeks because lack of nourishment meant she was no longer producing milk.

Source: http://figr.es/s441