Susan has three children, two of them pre-school. Her husband is in full-time work. She says, “We’ve got quite a lot of debts going back from a few years ago, from when I had pneumonia and was in hospital quite a few times with chest infections. My partner’s wage was cut because he was having time off to support me, so we ended up slipping into payday loans. And once we’re getting them, we had to get another one and another one, because the paying back rate was so high. Day-to-day, paying everything doesn’t leave enough for our food to last the week. It’s hard because we want to be making fresh meals, but a few times a week we’re having to share a pound pizza between us, and a few chips. And getting enough fruit and veg for the children, it’s hard. I get frustrated, and my partner does as well, because he’s working hard, and it makes him feel he’s not providing enough for us when he’s doing all he can do.”