Elle says, “I went into my local shop and there was a neighbour in there, who said how she was waiting for the council and they were late, etc. After a brief chat, off she went. The sales assistant said, ‘She has no business complaining, seeing as she’s a sponger.’ Now, I know for a fact this neighbour worked up until a year or two ago and was on a temporary contract. So my head went, ‘cos I have a chronic spinal condition, now told there is no treatment, just pain relief. I have been in the Employment and Support Allowance work-related activity group for four years. So, I said, ‘Well I’m on benefits. It could happen to anyone. You never know what’s round the corner’. She starts going on about being sick of paying for people like us, so I said, ‘Did you pay for your kids’ births or schooling? Then you too are a claimant,’ and I went. I was so angry, still am. It was the first time I’d felt well enough to go to the shop in nearly a year.”

Source: http://figr.es/s483