Teenager Finn has autism. He was driven home from school in the council’s new home-transport service for children with impairments, a privately-run service brought in to save £1 million from the council budget. When the driver and escort reached his street, they realised they had no idea which house he lived in. They phoned their head office for guidance, but couldn’t get through, so they set off on foot down the street. His mother says, “Finn has no language, he has no way of communicating, and they just took him from house to house saying, ‘Do you know this kid?’ Finally, the driver came to my door holding a piece of paper with Finn’s name on it and said, ‘Do you know this guy?’ I could have been anyone.” Finn was bleeding from one ear where he’d bashed his head, which he does when he is upset, and was sweaty and dazed. A minute after he entered the house, Finn, who had never previously experienced a fit, had a seizure and started to turn blue. A paramedic was called, and it took 45 minutes to stabilise him. Her complaint to the council is one of hundreds.

Source: http://figr.es/s129