Clarissa was a parent support adviser before she was made redundant. Later, she worked as a teaching assistant, and a youth worker in the evenings. She stopped working after her second child was born, and wants to return to work when her daughter goes to school full-time. She was living in a flat that cost £425 per week when the first benefit cap was introduced, and was moved to a house priced £310 per week. She was assured she would not be moved on again. But now an additional benefit cap has been introduced, she is about £100 per month short. She is using savings from when she was working to help meet the shortfall and has also cut down on the heating, juggling disconnection notices from utility providers. Clarissa says, “I always have a threatening letter. I feel trapped. I have no support network here, even if I wanted to go back to work. It will take one thing for it to crumble.”