Caroline says, “My eyesight deteriorated badly. I needed an operation but my health wasn’t good enough for surgery. I was on Employment and Support Allowance, but it was stopped because my doctor said there was nothing wrong. I was given an emergency cheque for £30 for the week. I was nursing my dad, who had a terminal illness. My husband, whose behaviour was increasingly manic, had threatened me with a knife. When he left, he emptied our bank account of my savings. Because I could no longer pay my mortgage, I was told my house would be repossessed. I got help to appeal my sanctions over 15 months. By then, I had another op on my eye and my health had further deteriorated, mentally and physically. I saw a neurologist who believed I was genuine and supported me at my tribunal, where I won. Today I am living with the threat of my Disability Living Allowance being taken away. It makes me constantly anxious. It’s hard to get on with your life.”