Fiona and David are in their late 40s. Fiona worked for 19 years, first in a crèche and then as a school care assistant, before retiring following a back injury that has left her with severe mobility difficulties. David was an NHS technical instructor, but is now Fiona’s carer, though he also has health difficulties of his own. David says, “When people turn round and say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with that guy. He’s just a scrounger or a ‘waster’, that really hurts, because I know what I would like to do and I know what I can actually do. I’m nervous about the new benefits reviews. If they turn us down and we’re even more skint than we are now, then I really don’t know how we’ll manage financially. It is a constant worry. We’ve got our pride. You want to be able to clear the debts you owe people and be able to hold your head up.”